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  • edit A'bbel
    edited by Jsgold diff
  • categorization A'bbel
    edited by Jsgold diff
    Added category: Abilities
  • new page Gates
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "And the terrors were sealed away by A’bbel and his Knights across the world.  Imprisoned behind Gates to the Unknown, forged by the Goddess." The...
  • new page A'bbel's Knights
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "And A’bbel gathered together his strongest allies to seal away the horrors, those who sided with him against the chaos.  His Knights. The Anvrel....
  • new page A'bbel
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "And another Awakened hero, A’bbel, rose to bring order to chaos of the world.  A shepherd of sheep who spoke to the Mother Goddess through his...
  • edit War of Urmagadeen
    edited by Jsgold diff
  • new page The Riders
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "And Caen annoited four Riders to lead his army, four who were granted power.  He called them Famine and War, Conquest and Death." The Riders were...
  • new page War of Urmagadeen
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "Caen led his Akuum children in a war against the world, the War of Urmagadeen." The War of Urmagadeen began as a three-way conflict between the...
  • edit Caen
    edited by Jsgold diff
  • new page Caen
    created by Jsgold
    New page: "Blood colored the ground until at last an Awakened champion rose from the ashes. His name was Caen, and he was Human.  His strength exceeded the...

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